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Kenosha is located in Kenosha County and it is the county seat. It lies in southeastern Wisconsin along Highway 50, near Racine.

Native Americans originally named the site Mas-ke-no-zha, translated as "place of the Pike." In 1836, it was renamed by settlers to Pike Creek. Later, the area became a Great Lakes shipping port and the village was renamed Southport. A final change gave Kenosha its present name, a modern-day rendering of the early Mas-ke-no-zha, in 1850.

The population estimate for 1998 was 87,849, an increase of 7,423 since 1990. Kenosha has been the site of automobile manufacturers such as Nash Motor Company, American Motors and DaimlerChrysler Corporation. Other firms in the area include Snap-on, Ocean Spray, Jelly Belly Candy Company and Jockey International. Attractions include the country's oldest operating velodrome. Kenosha also boasts four historic districts and two historic lighthouses.

Kenosha is part of the Kenosha, Wisconsin metro area.

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