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Midway is located in Wasatch County just west of Heber City near Deer Creek Reservoir. The population estimate for July 1, 1998 was 2,376, an increase of 822 since 1990.

The village of Midway began as a compromise. When the Ute Indians began raiding settlements in the mid 1860s, residents of other communities had moved to Heber for protection.

But neither of the two Snake Creek villages wanted to move to the other, so they both moved to a point "midway" between them, and built a fort.

Many early settleers were Swiss, and today, much Swiss heritage remains in Midway, making it Utah's slice of Switzerland. Swiss architectural details may be found in most of the city's residences and commercial establishments, and the annual Swiss Days celebration each September attracts more than 80,000 people from around the West.

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