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Commanding Dakota Heritage & Lakes Region, Sioux Falls is located in Minnehaha County and it is the county seat. It lies at the intersection of I-90 and I-29 just west of the Iowa border.

The first settlement occurred in 1857. Native Americans drove the settlers away in 1862, but it was resettled not long afterward.

Today Sioux Falls, population 124,000, is the state's largest city. January's average high temperature is 23 degrees; in July, it is 86 degrees. The city is home to such enterprises as trade and distribution, high-tech production, agribusiness, financial services, health care, retail and tourism. Attractions include Buffalo Ridge, cowboy ghost town; historic downtown Sioux Falls, Center for Western Studies and self-guided walking tours to 40 historic sites. The city is the home of South Dakota Symphony Orchestra and several universities.

It is in both Lincoln County and Minnehaha County.

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