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Lexington is located in Lexington County, of which it is the county seat. The town is situated west of Columbia in central South Carolina.

The Town of Lexington had its beginning on January 24, 1820 with the purchase of two acres of land. The Town of Lexington grew up around the courthouse and was indeed called "Lexington Court House" until 1900. Most of the town's early settlers were descendants of older area families mostly of German ancestry. A municipal charter was issued on January 28, 1861. After World War II Lexington expanded into a thriving business and political center for Lexington County.

Lexington is well known for the 45-mile long Lake Murray with more than 500 miles of shoreline and some of the best fishing in the country. Lexington boasts excellent schools, theaters, and museums.

There is also a Lexington, Kentucky.

Lexington is part of the Columbia, South Carolina metro area.

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