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Greenville is located in Greenville County of which it is the county seat. Greenville is situated west of Spartanburg, along Interstate 85 near Paris Mountain State Park.

Greenville developed as a textile center. The Reedy River runs through the heart of the city. The area was first settled in 1797, at which time it was named Pleasantburg. It became a city under the name Greenville in 1831. A historic attraction is he Pettigru Street Historic District, noted for its variety of architectural styles.

Due to a temperate climate, sightseeing in Greenville and upcountry South Carolina is a year-round activity. The city also is home to several playhouses and the Greenville Symphony Orchestra.

Greenville is recognized as a business, high-tech, manufacturing and engineering center. The city is part of the Greenville-Spartanburg-Anderson metro area.

There is also a Greenville, Mississippi.

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