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Columbia is located in Richland County and it is the county seat. It is situated in the center of the state between Greenville and Charleston, along Interstate 26 on the east bank of the Congaree River. The population estimate for July 1, 1998 was 110,840, an increase of 106 since 1990. Average high and low temperatures range from 56-33 F in January to 92-70 F in July.

Columbia is the capital of South Carolina. The South Carolina legislature selected the site in 1786 and reserved a space in the center of four square miles of land for the Capitol. The legislature directly governed the city until 1805. Annexations have increased the city's size to more than 18 square miles.

Columbia is a center for military, academic, government and business life. Columbia Metropolitan Airport is served by six airlines; Amtrak and two bus companies provide passenger service to the Greater Columbia area. Columbia is part of the Columbia, South Carolina metro area.

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