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The City of Warwick was founded January 12, 1642, when Samuel Gorton, and a dozen friends purchased more than 100 square miles of land from the Mahament Indians, a local branch of the great Nanhiganset Nation. These new settlers made their home in what today is referred to as Shawomet, or Old Warwick, at the head of the Old Warwick Cove. The City was reduced in land size by the loss of Coventry in 1741, and West Warwick in 1913. This left Warwick half of its original size, or 50 square miles. The settlement took its name "Warwick" in honor of the Earl of Warwick, who was instrumental in gaining an official charter in 1647.

Today, Warwick is the second largest city in RI. The city is situated at the center of the state's super-highway system.Theodore Francis Green State Airport is located there and is the state's largest commercial air terminal.

Warwick is located in Kent County south of Providence between Providence and East Greenwich along Highway 117.

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