Northern Region

A vision of woods and rivers, the Blackstone Valley area also owns its share of industrial history. America’s version of the Industrial Revolution sprang up here in the early 1800s. Several mills of those days are now museums housing immigration and labor history. The Blackstone Valley's Museum of Work and Culture in Woonsocket is a cutting-edge facility that interactively recounts the story of laborers who arrived from Quebec farms in the late 1800s to work in New England's textile and shoe factories.

A sampler of the area's most frequented visitor destinations includes the 1793 Slater Mill Historic Site in Pawtucket, which depicts the factory production and life of a 19th century industrial village; the Blackstone River Valley, and the riverboat Blackstone Valley Explorer.

Historic and cultural attractions abound in Providence, the state capital. More than 350 years of history stand front and center on her streets in the form of venerable houses situated throughout the city. Their architecture ranges from Colonial and Federal to Greek Revival and Victorian styles. Examples include the neoclassical State House, the Arcade in Greek Revival style, Georgian-design John Brown House Museum, and the Meeting House of the First Baptist Church in America, a mixture of the traditional New England meetinghouse and English Georgian designs.

Fine arts, the theatre and classical music await arts-oriented visitors to Providence with refined offerings by the musartpr, Trinity Repertory Company and the Rhode Island Philharmonic.

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