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Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Hotel

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Lunenburg is on the Atlantic seaboard of western Nova Scotia, east of Bridgewater.

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Rooms & Rates for The Lunenburg Bed & Breakfast Inn. Accommodation located in Historic Old Town Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada
... and overlooks the former Railway Station and the entrance to Lunenburg's Walking Trail. Rate: $80. - $145.  Suite VI - The Demone Suite This spacious Suite was once the former living quarters ...

Lily Front Motel & Cottages
... Susan LeGard 693 Mason's Beach Rd., RR #2 Lunenburg Nova Scotia, B0J 2C0, Canada Tel: (902) 634-8085  Fax: (902) 634-1917 Toll Free: 1 (866) 651-3125 Rooms & Rates Family Activities Places of ...

Home Port Motel - Lunenburg
Homeport Motel in the historic Town of Lunenburg ---------------> 167 Victoria Road / Hwy. #3 - Lunenburg - Nova Scotia - (902) 634-8234 - toll-free 1-800-616-4411 ...