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Moline, population about 45,000, is located in northwestern Illinois in Rock Island County. Part of the Quad Cities area, it lies to the east of Rock Island along Interstate 74 sandwiched between the Mississippi River and the Rock River.

From its early days in the mid-1800s, the settlement was associated with John Deere, developer of the self-scouring steel plow, the "tool that tamed the prairie". Today there are 95 manufacturing establishments in Moline, including Deere farm equipment, elevators and escalators, machine tools, heavy machinery, foundry equipment and metal products.

Moline's average annual temperature is 48 degrees. The average winter temperature is 23.7 and the summer average is 72.9 degrees. Moline's average yearly rainfall is 35.8 inches and its yearly snowfall is 30.8 inches.

Among the many attractions are the John Deere Collector's Center and Black Hawk State Historic Site in Rock Island.

Moline is home to the Trinity College of Nursing and Black Hawk College.

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