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Newark is located in New Castle County southwest of Elsmere along Highway 2 near Walter S Carpenter State Park. Newark is part of the Wilmington-Newark, Delaware-Maryland metro area.

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Church Staff
... Newark UPC Advisory Board ] [ Newark UPC Photo Album ] [ Newark UPC Property & Buildings ] Founding Pastor - James D. Beardsley James & Eleanora Beardsley     The Founding Pastor of Newark ...

Bible Fellowship Church of Newark, DE -
... Fellowship Church of Newark, DE . 808 Old Baltimore Pike . Newark, DE 19702 Phone: 302.366.8539 . Fax: 302.366.8542 . Email: Powered by IntelliSite. Created by Elexio ...

ORLC education opportunities
... Louisiana The nearest LCMS congregation to the University of Delaware! Visitors travel from UD stadium on Route 4 East, left turn at Augusta Drive into Chestnut Hill Estates, left turn at ...