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Fremont is located in the southern region of Alameda County. This sub-urban city is just northeast of San Jose. It lies along Interstate 880, (The Nimitz Freeway), near the San Francisco Bay. BART, (Bay Area Rapid Transit), terminates in Fremont.

The city is named after explorer John Charles Fremont. When gold was discovered in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in 1848, Fremont changed from an agricultural center to a weigh station for prospectors on their trek to the gold fields. Its character subsequently changed to a resort, then agricultural community again. In 1956, Fremont incorporated as a five-city consolidation.

Today, fast-growing; Fremont is part of Silicon Valley, a string of communities noted for their high-technology corporations. It also boasts the West Coast's sole car manufacturing plant. Attractions include the Fremont Festival of the Arts and the San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge.

There is also a Fremont, Michigan.

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