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Jonesboro is located in Craighead County (of which it is the county seat) west of Blytheville between West Memphis and Walnut Ridge along US Hwy 63. Jonesboro is part of the Jonesboro, Arkansas metro area.

Jonesboro was first incorporated shortly after it was founded and Aden Lynch was elected the first Mayor in 1882.

Manufacturing is the main economic staple for Jonesboro, while the Joe Christian Inc. is the main agricultural asset to the community. Christian farms 2,400 acres while producing rice, soybeans and wheat. This company also plants 50 acres of wildlife food plots and floods 700 acres for winter duck habitat.

Popular attractions in Jonesboro include: The Forum (beautifully restored civic auditorium), Convocation Center, The Fowler Performing Arts Center, ASU Fine Arts Center Gallery and the Arkansas State University Museum.

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