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Eureka Springs

Eureka Springs is located in Carroll County (of which it is the county seat) east of Rogers, between Busch and Berryville along Hwy 62 on the banks of the Kings River near Beaver Lake State Park.

Eureka Springs miraculous healing properties in the springs waters brought more than 10,000 people to live here by the spring of 1879. The towns unusual name of Eureka, from the Greek I found it, pays tribute to the curative nature of the areas abundant spring waters.

This community is a Victorian village nestled in the Ozark National Forest, encircled by two beautiful lakes and two scenic rivers. This historic city with old-world charm and European flavor offers timeless leisure and endless sightseeing. Stroll the winding streets and enjoy lodgings, nightlife, family entertainment, fabulous restaurants, spas & specialty shops.

Fishing, hunting and boating throughout the surrounding area is a popular recreational sport for many.

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