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Yuma is located in Yuma County and it is the county seat. It lies west of Tucson along U.S. Highway 95, on the banks of the Colorado River near the California state line. The city also is situated just north of the United States/Mexico border.

Early missions were founded in the area by Fathers Eusebio Kino and F. T. H. Garcs. Settlement did not go forward until Fort Yuma was erected in 1850 to protect California-bound travelers. After 1858, the river port and gold-mining boom town was called Colorado City, then Arizona City before being renamed for the Yuma people in 1873.

Today, Yuma is a significant trading hub of a huge farm area irrigated by the Yuma Project. The Yuma Proving Grounds and a U.S. Marine Corps air station contribute to the city's coffers. Area attractions include Fort Yuma, the 1863 Yuma Quartermaster Depot, 16th Century St. Thomas Mission, California sand dunes and three Colorado River dams.

Yuma is part of the Yuma, Arizona metro area.

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