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Alpine is located in Apache County. It was settled in the late 1870's, and was originally known as Bush Valley. It has a "Swiss-like" setting and is set in the lush plains of the San Francisco River headwater.

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... the Alpine Inn welcomes visitors to the quaint community of Alpine. Styled after a turn of the century farm house, this all new Inn features all the character and warmth you would expect from ...

Lodging in the White Mountains National Forest - Alpine, Arizona
It was so relaxing!" -Ed and Cathy, 6-06 TAL-WI-WI LODGE P.O. Box 169 Alpine, Arizona 85920 email: Reservations:  Tel: (800) 476-2695 (928) 339-4319 Fax: (928) 339-1962 ...

Hannagan Meadow Lodge - Lodge rooms and Cabin rentals. Ski, hike, fish and relax in Arizona
Box 335 Alpine, Arizona 85920 22 miles south of Alpine on the Coronado Trail (US 191) (928) 339-4370 - Hannagan Meadow Lodge is a proud member of: Arizona Association of ...