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Mobile is located in Mobile County and it is the county seat. It lies in the southwestern corner of Alabama along Interstate Highway 10, on the banks of the Mobile River. Mobile is the only seaport of Alabama and the city is graced by huge, moss-draped oak trees.

Founded in 1702 as Fort Louis de la Mobile, Mobile is one of the oldest cities in the United States. Settlers moved onto the present site in 1711 because of flood waters. Mobile is often called the City of Six Flags, due to successive rule of the French, British and Spanish. It also has flown the flags of the Republic of Alabama, the Confederate States and the United States.
With the world's largest forest products terminal, the Port of Mobile ranks first nationally for wood pulp exports and second for forest products. Airplane maintenance and repair are growing businesses in the area.
Mobile is part of the Mobile, Alabama metro area.

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